Produktet Frutomania janë në dispozicion në të gjitha supermarketet në qytetet e mëdha të Kosovës. Gjatë vitit 2012 edhe nëpër dyqane të vogla afër jush. Shiko hartën interaktive me të gjitha pikat e shitjes...me shume


Starting from July 2010 MOEA has initiated its test production, on the processing line, producing juice from squeezed fruits, making MOEA a pioneer in this sort of products in Kosovo and wider.

The products MOEA in the market are special products, juice containing only fruit juice, with NO added water, sugar or any other additive.

MOEA processing products are branded under the brandname “FRUTOMANIA”. Its products are packaged in innovative packaging known as “bag in box”.

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Currently, apple juice and sour cherry juice are out in the market, in majority of supermarket chains throughout Kosovo.